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Lost in an Airport

I have loved going to airports since I was a kid. They have a distinct smell that I can detect as soon as I walk through the sliding doors. Perhaps I loved airports because
Now Boarding 2 min read
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It has been gloomy and cold in San Diego for months now. Before moving here, everybody was jealous. “ the weather over there is amazing” “Ah! That Californian sunny beaches”. I used to live in
Rewind 2 min read
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Crossiant 2.0

Try saying Kouign Amann in front a French baker and see his or her face after you butcher it. Then after knowing how to say it, go to any bakery who doesn’t know Kouign Amann and asks for it then watch their facial expression. I always get the ”why is he making this noise” look
Food 2 min read
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