I was looking for anything to not study and Youtube is the epitome of procrastination. I don’t even remember what I was wondering about over there. But I came across a Korean singing competition. A young lady singing with a huge voice appeared on my 13-inch laptop. The first thing I thought about was “why isn’t she so famous”. She puts most mainstream pop singer to shame. She sounds like an angel. I really can't find a better description. All the videos have either people speechless or crying. Her name is Kim So-Hyang (소향). Remember that because you’ll soon google her name and be blown away. Her voice is so crisp and clear it is like watching an ultra high definition picture for your ears. She starts a song with a soft angelic voice then transitions to grand ending with no distortions or strains.
Lately, she was a contestant in The King of Mask Singer (미스터리 음악쇼 복면가왕). A competition where participants wear a mask and being judged solely on their vocal performances. From what I concluded, she sang popular songs not her own and the reaction was as good as her performances.
I think she is at the same level as Adele and other well-known artists. I don’t speak Korean and when she sings, her voice is the only language I understand. I think she is under appreciated and hopefully one day a famous person gives her the miracle of being discovered on a mass scale.