I love everything about Disneyland except for their food. Hard chicken nuggets and stale cookies. But that’s not what I want to talk about. Here is a list of my favorites whenever I visit the park.

1 - Monte Cristo πŸ₯ͺ at Cafe Orleans

I didn’t even know what a Monte Cristo was a year ago. And if you explained it to me, I would think you are a crazy person. Probably wondering how can you eat such thing. Well, let me tell you. First of all, I had to try it before judging it. All I can think of was β€œhow can a deep-fried turkey and ham sandwich dusted with powdered sugar be so damn good". I went for a second bite because I thought maybe I was still high on some Mickey magic. I’m obsessed with them. I even recommend them to my friends. They were delicious. They come with a side of fruit and jam. I don’t think you need them to be honest.
Make sure you make a reservation. Walking in is not an option unless you’re willing to wait for hours.


2 - Pommes Frites 🍟 at Cafe Orleans

Remember the side of fruits and jam? With these fries, you do need them with your Monte Cristo bless. Tossed with herbs, garlic, and parmesan cheese. And they come with a zesty Cajun-style dip.
And while you at it, smear some of that dipping sauce on your sandwich. You’re welcome.

3 - Turkey Leg πŸ—

Disclaimer: I don’t think they’re turkey legs. I’ve had turkey leg before. Those aren’t. Whatever they are, turkey legs are great tasting and quick. If you don’t want to wait in line for food and you're hungry. I have yet to try the sweet BBQ one near Toontown. I have to admit though that they are messy to eat, but I don’t mind it. One negative that it has too many bones which leads me to believe that those are not the advertised bird Disney claims.


4 - Dole Whip 🍦 at Tiki Juice Bar

Switching gear to sweats now. I like ending my food hunt with dole whip soft serve. Most of Disney’s sweats are pre-packed and comes in huge packages. For me, this pineapple soft serve is refreshing and the amount is just perfect. Secret Tip: There is a second line that is always much shorter inside The Tiki Room waiting area.