Sleepless night, long drive or lazy beach day. I relax listening to a podcast. Especially tech podcast. The struggle is to find a good one. I’ve been listening to podcasts for 13 years I remember watching WWDC (Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference) 2005 where Steve Jobs explains the name as a fusion between “iPod” and “Broadcast”.

Just so you know the listed podcasts below are focused more towards Apple ecosystem. If you happen to like all things Apple, they’re the best of the bunch. Here are my picks:


  • Accidental Tech Podcast

Starting with ATP. These 3 men give it all with no restraint. They are honest and intellectual. Ironically, my favorite part is at the end when they talk about things other than technology. It makes them more relatable. Like Casey car obsession, Marco’s coffee knowledge or John’s way of explaining that nobody cares about how many bits are your new consoles.


  • MacBreak Weekly

Next, MacBreak Weekly. Leo and his gang still joke about why calling the podcast “Macbreak” when there is little Mac news in the past 6 years. Even though the grim future of the Mac, they are still releasing the podcast every week. At the end of every episode, Leo and guest give their pick of the week where I discovered lots of cool gems I didn’t know about.


  • Upgrade

Upgrade is also a cool podcast with a new spin. Sometimes before a tech event, Jason and Myke they do Bingo where they try to predict new product releases. I think its awesome because they ask their listener to join in and see who get the closest. Sometimes they talk about Si-Fi movies and TV shows. Even though they like Apple products, they criticize every move the company makes and never hesitates to concede when other company makes a better product.

One more thing…

looking for a tech history? then search no further.
Welcome to Macintosh and TechStuff are my favorites.
From the name Welcome to Macintosh is Apple-centric. Whereas TechStuff is about general Tech, the people how made stuff happen and how did it affect our lives.