It has been gloomy and cold in San Diego for months now. Before moving here, everybody was jealous. “ The weather over there is amazing” “Ah! Those SoCal sunny beaches”. I used to live in Chicago which, by the way, is enjoying an early summer right this moment and yet we can’t break the 73 F (23 C) barrier. San Diego lacks color right now. It reminds me of London.


I was frustrated the other day so I made porter beer stew and hot chocolate. After my warm meal, I started to paint with watercolor and for some reason, I felt happy. Bright colors hitting my eye I think was the reason. I remember when I was young I loved watching animation with light colors. Almost transparent. Next, I started watching My Neighbor the Yamadas. this masterpiece was done all in a watercolor. The whole movie! I forgot about my weather misery.

The Next day, I had some stew leftovers with a fresh hot cocoa for dessert. Then played Ganbari Kikazu. This 80s Japanese soccer animation I used to watch all the time which gave the nostalgic feeling that I didn’t know I needed and the beautiful colors I’m missing.

pixelwaves watercolor blog ganbare kikazu

This was a revelation. I didn’t know that colors did that. I have always been drawn to transparent and bright color ever since but didn’t imagine the impact.  My only wish as I’m typing this, is San Diego needs a good warm stew, hot chocolates and lots of summer colors.