Apple just concluded this year product line with an event that took place in Brooklyn, New York. They’ve released a new version of the beloved MacBook Air and Mac mini. Also, they have redesigned the iPad pro taking some design hints from the little sibling, the iPhone X family. Now it has a screen that expands from edge to edge similar to iPhone XR, FaceID and a missing headphone jack. But what’s new is the switch to USB-C for high-performance connectivity, thinner speakers that includes a pair of woofer and tweeter in four corners and all new pencil that charges while attached magnetically on the side.

But there is a hidden message Apple gave during the keynote. In fact, they said it at least twice. The iPad Pro is 92% faster than most laptops that were sold this year. Thanks to the A12X Bionic chips. This is a blow to Intel. It puts their latest notebook processors to shame. Intel has been struggling for the past few years to keep up on its promises. with missed deadlines and abysmal benchmark performances. They should be worried about their future.
One thing I can think of deciphering this message is that Apple could make their computers run their custom chips. This is great because they are famous for their hardware+software integration. From power management increasing battery life to high CPU performance.

A12X Bionic is the smartest, most powerful chip we’ve ever made. It has the Neural Engine, which runs five trillion operations per second and enables advanced machine learning.

Apple is one of the highest chip manufacturers by volume. Almost every product includes a custom chip. even the AirPods. Can you imagine a MacBook Pro running on Apple’s chips with 12 hours of continuous use?
I believe this is the beginning of the end of  Intel processors hopefully not the Macintosh.

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