In January 2002 there was a leak at the Times Magazine headquarters. Steve Jobs was on the to-be-released Cover with a fascinating new white computer that has a floating screen captioned "Flat-Out Cool". I saw the magazine but I thought it was fake. That could not be a computer I thought to myself so I quickly ignored it. I remember that day I was in high school at the time with a slow crappy internet. Trying so hard to watch the live stream. pressing reload like maniac to watch the keynote. it was a torture. Then, the new Apple site was updates showcasing the new iMac G4. The same one on the magazine cover. I couldn't believe my eyes. How can this be a working device. I kept on reading about it over and over. Its sure was interesting. I have never something like this ever.

times magazine imac G4 steve jobs pixelwaves blog sunflower Mac
Imac G4 screen positions pixelwaves blog sunflower mac

Why am I writing about this? Well.. I was on my 5K iMac yesterday and How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days was playing on tv. I leaned over to see what was playing and Kate Hudson was sitting on her desk talking to her friend and the iMac G4 was in the background. I completely forgot what I was doing. I flew back 20 years back. This was one of my favorite iMac design by far. It was white. Had a clear plastic rim around the screen. The display is help by shiny metallic hinge that also can be used as a handle. This is where Apple excels. Their design are beautiful and functional.
Steve Jobs and Jony Ive who was and still is the head of the design team at Apple were on a walk discussing how to create their next hit. After the release of the original iMac that turned Apple from a failing company to a superstar, they both knew how important to make the next iteration even better. While walking, they crossed a sunflower field. The idea started there and the conception matured into the iMac G4 design we know today. The look was friendly so you can approach it with curiosity. Setting it up was a breeze and hooking it up to the internet takes less than a minute. That was Apple's famous recipe for making both the hardware and software blend seamlessly. Anybody can operates it without being a tech savvy. Back in 2002 it was somehow difficult connecting to the internet let alone using a computer. Today it became so easy because the software is so advanced that it does pretty much everything for us. Just type in you're log in and password and done.


Almost 20 years later, the iMac have evolved into the most used and recognizable All-in-one computer. Many companies have tried copying it but failed. Now, the screen is thinner than your finger and has retina display ( the pixel is so tiny that your eye can't discern them) for sharper images. Everything is wireless. The only thing coming out is the power cord. It weighs a fraction of the original older brother. Which is impressive.
Sometimes I need to stop and look at things and see how they came to be and how they work. A good design last a long time and I'm sure the iMac G4 design will be forever iconic. Who knows what I'll remember 20 years from now and put a smile on my face like today. The iPhone? iPad? Nintendo Switch? check back in 20 years and check out my future Rewind post.