War is a horrible thing. No one wants to experience it. Watching this movie made me think how lucky I am living in 2018. Still, today there is so much hate in this world but goodness will always find its way to the top. In This Corner of the World この世界の片隅 took place in Hiroshima city, Japan in the 1930s-40s. It’s about a young girl who loved to draw while being in an unfortunate time period. It breaks your heart how it’s difficult for Suzu to get hold of the simplest things like a pencil. Not to mention being homesick after she had to relocate when she got married. she had to endure World War II, the aftermath and dealing with her husbands family with positivity that most of us lack.

The anime movie captured the horrifying event in a warm and soft watercolor palette. It’s reminded me of Isao Takahata’s My Neighbors the Yamadas ホーホケキョとなりの山田くん. The brilliance of the movie was that it's not about the war itself but more about this naive 18-year-girl. From subtleness and distinctive drawing lines to the beautiful color backdrop to the amazing storytelling. It takes you on a stunning journey. It’s a mix of vibrant green, clear blue and dull brown. You get more excited as the movie progresses to see how its depicted visually. Also, the music had a gentle tone in the background. Carrying the whole featured film smoothly till the end. Finally and more importantly, you can feel the emotions in the story. Especially the hardship and the agony war can bring to anyone.

Think about being in a place where there are bomb raids every night, food shortage which forces you to improvise recipes from any vegetation you see along your horrible day or the constant reminder of seeing tragedy. Suzu kept on living and drawing. It didn’t stop her even when she is at her lowest point. The lesson I learned from In This Corner of the World is that you keep on going no matter what the circumstances are and how tough it might be. You forget sometimes how people lived in the past and how fortunate we are to be alive and happy.

I thoroughly enjoyed this gorgeous movie. It’s full of love and hope. Give it a try with a strong heart and remember nothing can bring you down.