You're killing it with your favorite character. Almost at the finish line. Racers are yards away. Then that damn blue shell hits and for some reason, you're in the 6th place. You give it a minute for it all to settle down. What just happen? In all fairness, Mario Kart 8 is a fair game. Let me explain. No matter how good you're or how many hours you spend playing the game, you still get challenged. I think that's why Mario Kart series is popular. It never gets boring playing it many times. Its the perfect icebreaker. The perfect way to spend your lazy Sunday alone or with some of your friends. And if you’re lucky enough to own a Nintendo Switch, you can take it anywhere

The Switch edition has so many features. There are so many vehicle options and not to mention that you can carry two items in a race. It never gets old. I already had the Wii version and when I got the Switch, it didn’t have that many titles so bought it and boy that was a good buy. I think Nintendo found the secret recipe with the Switch. I know its too early but I feel the Switch is going to be my overall favorite console. Beating Nintendo 64 for me. I have spent over 50+ hours playing Mario Kart. The ingenuity of the tracks where you defy gravity literally is crazy and plain fun.

I highly recommend investing in buying the game because if you didn’t, you’re simply missing out. With so many good games that have been released recently like Zelda and Mario Odyssey, I have to admit that Mario Kart 8 was overshadowed by their success. But you cant dismiss how great of a game it is.