When I got the 120th star in Super Mario 64 I thought this was the best games ever. Then Nintendo released Mario Sunshine and I was in awe. Mario Odyssey is a mash of both game with a hint of the galaxy worlds. Playing it was a joy.


I have played a lot of Mario games throughout the years. They were ok. Some were fun, but never made me so happy and reminiscent about my youth. Also, when you’re busy doing what a grown up should do, you slowly forget how to have fun. Mario Odyssey brought me so much memory of how to enjoy a game and being sucked in it. Exploring every kingdom, collecting coins, stickers and diving into every side challenge. I get so excited holding the controller sinking for hours into all the vast and colorful worlds. When I’m away, I cant stop thinking about playing. 2017 was a very long and a stressful year for me. This was a great way to end the year and to start a new one playing my favorite Mario game.