A lot happened in the past decade in my life and around the world. Things are changing fast. Either you enjoy it or miss riding the wave. We need to face this new decade with positivity and optimism. I have attained many experiences in the last 10 years. Good and bad. Jumped every hurdle I faced and made sure I learned from all of them. A few of the lessons that forever made me a better person are:

β€’ Be humble, kind and never give up. Don’t let others or situations change these core values no matter what.

β€’ Use β€œWe” instead of β€œI” in everything. β€œI” might sound better at first but it is misleading and short-lived.

β€’ Focus on your health as well as your mind. They complement each other. If you lose the balance, the system will crash.

Heads up, have a wonderful new decade and keep making dents in the universe!